Thursday, August 7, 2008

The power of Nuetrality

Certain times , being neutral can be very powerful experience both in business and family . In fact , India, as a country has learned it, very early, after it developed its independent foreign policy . Being a leader of Non-Align movement, it played a neutral role , and by that it, had a powerful experience as a country. Such success has to be replicated in the level of our small business also . Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are right now the second largest employer after agriculture . It had a bigger role to play in the prosperity of the country .

That could be successfully handled when it plays a neutral role on resolving number of issues affecting the business community by and large , and starts an effective dialogue with stakeholders of civil society on issue related to environment and social development. Such dialogue would make the process of growth smooth for small business and bring the small business owners in a bigger role, of development of economy and simultaneously taking care of social and environmental issues.

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