Monday, August 4, 2008

The Entreprenuerial Adnormality

In our therapeutic culture, I'm sure some socialist and political leaders, hopes they can find the genetic abnormality that triggers entrepreneurship. They feel with that they can cure the conditions which triggers entrepreneurship.

That's the only guaranteed path to permanent power stability uninterrupted by innovation. Infact it is much easy to stay in power both in society and politics without the constructive intervention of entrepreneurs. It is often seen that they raise the bar for society and politics and move them to become more accountable for the actions towards the nation and the globe.

Recently , I was going through a article from rediff which shows how Vinod khosla takes his decisions on renewable energy ventures.

'Get busy' is the punch word of the smartest venture capitalist in the renewable space, who once dreamed to become an entrepreneur .

If our politicians could take decisions like that , on pressing environmental issues then half of the environmental problems of the world could get solved.

It's good for the world , to an extent, that our politicians and social leaders, does not find cure for the entrepreneurial abnormality in near future . Innovation could then play a role of great leveler between the 'have' and 'have not' in global society.

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