Thursday, May 7, 2009

Business Transformation VI : Creative Class and Technology Outsourcing

Last 20 years we have seen ,a new generation of creative professionals emerging in the scenario of IT . However those professionals avoided the ITES companies as it specialized on executing routine jobs. But as the ITES companies of India , move high in the value chain , working in a risk sharing and strategic partnership model, for the outsourcing client , the repetitive work cliché on outsourcing industry is going to break down.

We have already seen a lot of high intellectual population joining ITES bandwagon with the advent of KPO, which is widely considered as Outsourcing 2.0. BTO ( Business Transformation Outsourcing ) which will be considered as Outsourcing 3.0 , lot of highly creative professional will join the ITES bandwagon . As more and more services are going to be online, with the web 3.0 combing with cloud computing movement , the outsourcing 3.0 is going to give tremendous opportunity for unlocking creative potentials, which no other creative platform can possibly give right now .

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