Saturday, May 9, 2009

Business Transformation VII : Building a Vision

Business transformation projects from “consulting proposal to delivery” has one thing very common. It is the requirement of a clear , defined and precise vision statement . This is what , moves the transformation process . There are doubts in organization that how much of the time would be send on defining higher laws for the Business . Let me dispel ,those doubts . An organization is a collective activity and it requires a collective consensus to operate in harmony . Without higher laws and vision in place , it is very hard for a volume of people to move on the same direction which would be beneficial for the welfare of the organization .That’s why vision, mission and principle statement is a very important tool which creates purpose for the organization both inside and outside . It is by these values that organization start getting mind space of the people . It is needless to say , that people buy a brand which is in there mind space . This basic has to be followed on making any business transformation proposal.

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Audrina Majella said...

I also think that the basics should be tried out on making business transformation proposal. That would bring great result i bet.