Tuesday, April 21, 2009

@ In search of Secret Meaning (Part II ) Journey towards light.

“ Wait, a second “ – I looked back to search, the origin of the female voice . Though the voice had a whispering tone , but still it had a remarkable sharpness. It somehow, gave a feeling of coziness , instantly.

It is in the middle of passage, from where the voice came . The place, where I am moving through has a dim light . However at the end of the passage, there is an explosion of light . There are also small top blocks, from where sunlight is getting reflected in the shinning marbles, at the floor of the passage.

There are locked rooms one after another. Sometimes people could really open the room and call somebody, on the same sharp voice . Somebody whom they know, years after years.

But whom do I know here ?. That such a voice struck me, on my ear, and turn me into an eternal seeker.

Seconds passed , minutes passed , I waited, but still could not find, from where the voice came .

In the last 90 days, when I stayed here in search of secret meaning of my life , so many voices came, and so many voices stayed , so many voices dissolved . But none has such an impact , like this voice . It came when , I was, in the darker part of the passage .

I throw my hands and legs – up , down , right , left . To find from where that voice came . I imagined – one who beholds such an voice, might be a owner of a beautiful, loving and compassionate body . Such an embodiment, whose sight itself can transform, the very nature of me , who always struggles and fights .

But where was she ? I didn’t see her presence . She asked me to ‘wait’ for second . That second seemed , years for me . Still , I could not experience her as a body.

Is it true, that she seems to be existing, only in a voice ? Her nature is nothing but , just a voice . A voice which might vibrate without our consciousness, deep inside us .

The voice which taught me to wait, When I became impatient. The voice which taught me to ‘step back ‘,when I want to rush ahead .

Unknowingly , in the search of the secret meaning, of that whispering voice,I could gradually move to light.


vaibhav said...

yes, our inner voice which leads us towards light.

Joydip Chakladar said...


Its true that inner voice leads to light . But the Journey is not always safe and easy .As, it is more easier to listen to outer voice than an inner voice.