Wednesday, April 22, 2009

@ In search of secret meaning (Part III) : Not Looking Recession from Glass window

I looked at the sky . Coconut trees . Small buildings .

It looks great when I see through the glass window . Gentle , rhythmic and musical.
When I opened the window , its really hot out there . Not so compelling.

“Entrepreneur, who doesn’t know how to face recession, should not be an entrepreneur at all “ - Comments from glass window, by my peer entrepreneur .

“What is it when you face the heat ? When you are in the blood bath “ – It might be not so painful for a person, who have gone above startup, and small size curve, and have deep pockets to survive a long spring recession . They can change there strategy , they can bring new faces . But what about those who have not ? . I remarked.

“ By the way ,your views are from glass window . That should my taglines . These time people who have sizes are bleeding. “.

I revolted my friend, who indicated me , you don’t have a size to face the pain of recession . You are much above in the value chain .

Big sizes have always some kind of paranoid view to small sizes .
I was reminded about the famous poem on size quarrel -The Mountain and the Squirrel by R . W . Emerson

The mountain and the squirrel
Had a quarrel,
And the former called the latter “Little prig”
Bun replied
“ You are doubtless very big
But all sorts of thing and weather
Must be taken up together
To make up a year
And a sphere.
And I think it no disgrace
To occupy my place
If I am not so large as you
You are not so small as I ,
And not half so spry
A very pretty squirrel track.
Talents differ. All is well and wisely put
If I cannot carry forest on my back
Neither can you crack a nut “

The secret meaning of the recession seems to me a size revolution . Our economy, have always depended on big sizes and some of the big shots. Now it’s a time for revolution .Billion dollars is what makes a economic sense to a lot people . But what about billion dollars , made not from 1 company , but from many companies of small sizes .

Welcome to the new world of Post recession entrepreneurship!!! The new millionaires comes from slums….

No Glass windows ,no glass ceilings , entrepreneurship reaches to the bottom of pyramid.

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