Monday, April 20, 2009

@ In Search of Secret meaning

Her ways are Mysterious ! Mysterious ! Mysterious !

Her light is dim, like a reflection in a candle. That's why , its very hard to find her intent, behind her ways . She always , plays with the opposites .

In a deep black night, she invades, my colorful dream, and asks me what is right, and what is wrong ?

In a middle of a storm, she makes me still, like a candle in a windless place, whose flame is every steady, and asks me where are you going, and from where are you returning ?

Her paths are hard of follow , her secrets are strongly guarded.
When I brave from a downturn, she seems to be the first curve of the upturn.

When I give up search for her , she seems to me , easy to be found .Yet as a seeker , I am always in search of her secret meaning.

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