Monday, August 10, 2009

Blogging and Wealth Creation : ( Part II) A Review of Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009

Cameras , light , sound and huge energy of 152 bloggers, made the whole environment
something ,which could not be so much expressed much in word .

Wealth are not always created on terms of money , sometimes wealth is some human moment which brings transforming experience .

It was that wealth , I felt in Kolkata Bloggers Meet . It is a mission of living and sleeping with your blog , which get expressed in the meeting .

Communicating and exchanging thoughts , message and ideas with 151 other bloggers made the day very special for me .

My Sincere thanks to Yogesh Goel of for the pictures .


Ani said...

Very nicely posted .... you bloggers made this kolkata bloggers meet a gr8 success...Thank you!!

Joydip Chakladar said...

Thank you Ani ,for your kind words . have you been there in Kolkata Bloggers meet ?

Ani said...

I was one of the organizer... from

Joydip Chakladar said...

Great to Know about it . I find the program was well organised.