Friday, September 11, 2009

Transformational Leadership - A Review of the session

"Leaders think ahead of the others ". This was the response made by a freelance software program when asked to define leadership in the online workshop session on transformational leadership. While there where other responses about the definition of leadership , all of participants agreed that leaders have three basic qualities .

1. Leaders have a vision
2. Leaders share that vision
3. Leaders turn that vision into action.

In a further interactive discussion on the transformation leadership workshop there was also a revelation that there are different scopes of leadership . The following scopes of leadership are listed here

1. Personal Leadership
2.Family Leadership
3.Organizational Leadership
4.Industrial leadership
5. State Leadership
6. National Leadership
7. International Leadership

There was a very interesting question which cameout from an system engineer who was participating on the session from the Iran . " Do one has to cross all this layers before it , if he one to become an Industrial leader" . For the answere of the question , I referred the Leadership models

1. Power given from outside - Authority driven ( Outside - In)
2. Power given from inside - Empowerment driven ( Inside -Out)

Infact , if one has to reach on higher leadership position through Empowerment model , then one has to start leading himself . He has to first become a personal leaders , managing his , time,stress and conflict in the best possible way. Whereas that is not required in the cases where the power is given from outside , and one follows the authority driven leadership model.

Madhuri, from Hydrebad was sharing her experience on leadership on how he handled different events , while there was a general question which flowed around on the second day session of the transformational leadership program, where people wanted to know about the types of the follower.

We found that there are four kinds of followers

1. High Skill and High Will
2. High Skill and Low Will
3. Low Skill and High Will
4. Low Skill and Low Will.

There was a reference of Mahabharata startegy was taken to handle this four kind of people

1. High Skills and High Will - Sam - Concillation
2. High Skills and Low Will - Dam - Incentives and Motivation
3. Low Skill and High Will - Bhed - Rotation- Train them and rotate around high skill people
4. Low Skill and Low Will - Dand - Punishment - Create different fines to get them working

The workshop will move for the third session on leadership strategies . Find more information from

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