Friday, August 7, 2009

Blogging and Wealth Creation : Ideas for Kolkata Bloggers Meet 09

Kolkata Blogger’s Meet ‘09

Date: 8th August 2009 | Saturday
Location: CCD (Cafe Coffee Day); RDB Adlabs Sector V; Saltlake City; Kolkata
Time: 5 PM onwards

My Ideas for Kolkata Blogger’s Meet ‘09

1. Bloggers BootCamp

There could be a small time allocated for a Knowledge session where experience bloggers will help the new bloggers to discuss about different styles and ways of blogging and how the quality of writing could be improved.

2. Bloggers Work Book

A detailed knowledge session on how one manages the time schedule for blogging when he is engaged with other activities in a disciplined and systematic manner

3. Blogger Business Plan

How blogging could also be done for achieving business goals.

4. Blogging for Wealth Creation

How blogger could create wealth out of Blogging and what are the channels of revenue and ways of making money out of blogging.


Yogesh said...


Have added to my blog

the write-up & all the photographs of the Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009.

Do take some time to visit and do not forget to put down your inputs for the same.

Regards & Love,
Yours ever in blogging,

Yogesh Goel

Debashish Brahma said...

This is Debashish Brahma
met with you
MyBlog is
Keepin touch

moon said...

Hello, Joydeep...your ideas are very good...but for newbies like me...I think Bloggers BootCamp will be the best! :) You will understand if you visit my blog - Good Wishes

Joydip Chakladar said...

Thanks Yogesh , for your pictures.It was really good.


Joydip Chakladar said...

Thanks Debashis ,I have visited your blog and find it great.

Joydip Chakladar said...

Moon , thanks for your comments . I am actually eager to conduct an Blogger bootcamp in kolkata.

Anonymous said...

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