Thursday, April 2, 2009

Who said entreprenuership is easy ?

I didn't .

That doesn't stops my passion over it . But just because , I am passionate about something , it is not the fact , that the others will be so.

Infact , you had to be more dispassionate, to not take even your monthly expenses from the company, in order to let the team, and others get there salary.

That's where Bhagawad Gita come into rescue . Lord Krishna wears many hat . He was an great mentor , philosopher , spiritual leader , effective manager and lately I have discovered he was an successful entreprenuer too.

Look at this verses.

Brahmanyaadhaaya karmaani sangam tyaktwaa karoti yah;
Lipyate na sa paapena padmapatram ivaambhasaa.

10. He who performs actions, offering them to an higher ideal and abandoning attachment, is not tainted by sin as a lotus leaf by water.

Lord Krishna says here, he who performs actions , offering them to an higher ideal ( which an entrepreneur has to do anyway ) is not tainted by sin ( which I understand the difficulties as entrepreneur faces ) as lotus leaf by water.

He makes entreprenuership easy . Infact , if you can put the mind towards an higher ideal than difficulties doesn't affect you.

That doesn't means it becomes easy , still you stay in ease , in the midst of difficulty.

It is indeed a real and complex thought design made by Lord Krishna . That's why, I say he is an great entrepreneur too , who innovated the process of thinking and provide new thought solutions that would enable people like us to take the hard journey.

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