Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is Lord Krishna the Guru of the greatest management Gurus the world has produced ?

Buddhiyukto jahaateeha ubhe sukrita dushkrite;
Tasmaad yogaaya yujyaswa yogah karmasu kaushalam.

50. Endowed with wisdom (evenness of mind), one casts off in this life both good and evil deeds; therefore, devote thyself to Yoga; Yoga is skill in action.

Lord Krishna can be looked as the 'Guru of the best of Management Guru' available to humanity right now. In a very simple statement like the above, he demystifies the entire understanding of efficiency and effectivity , which are fundamental blocks of Modern Management.

In one word he simplifies also the entire HR practise and says - 'Yoga karmasu kaushalam'.That is the golden rule of Performance Management .It is the skill in action , that help people to perform better . You cannot perform , if you mind is disturbed. All performance depends on the equanimity of mind.

I often wondered , why people have excessively focused, it as a scripture of liberation only , when it carries the right vales of managing organization, and managing life too.

So when the action is performed with a equanimity of mind , without any expectation , that is itself a great success formula ,for an individual and also for an organization .Infact ,actions which are of a binding nature lose that nature when performed with equanimity of mind.

Actions performed in this way are both efficient and effective.If the fundamental objective of management is to create both efficient and effective actions . Lord Krishna gives the simplest route to attend it .

The root of the present economic crisis is the way the actions are performed by humanity . This form of collective actions, could only bind us to cycles of recessions . This actions are not made from a proper mental state , economic growth could be lead to abolishment of social , environmental and spiritual growth. Only handful could become rich, with the cost of the entire community .

Krishna in his universal and nonreligious tone, makes it very simple, that how the organisation and the Industries can prosper when people follow the model of right action, in other parts of Gita .

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