Monday, February 11, 2008

Will Integral Education help to create entrepreneur and teach lifeskills?

I have another successful entrepreneur from kolkata, Mr. Abhishek Rungta, who really wrote about Entrepreneurship Education, and to what extent that could be taught in his blog.

He, actually informed about it, after receiving ‘AIL daily wisdom’ mails that he has been thinking on these lines, long time back.

Extending to his thought let’s ask the following question

What could be the education model that would create entrepreneurs?

A man, who wants to exercise his freedom on creating new ways of doing things, would require a different kind of mind. The mind has to think originally. This is an essential requisite, to become innovative. He also has to see things integrally and see the bigger picture.

There has been an education model known as ‘Integral Education model’, which is conceived around the thoughts of Sri Aurobindo. The Mother (Mira Alfassa) later implemented it.

Based on a principle thought that “Nothing can be taught. “ Integral Education is somewhat aligned how entrepreneur learns things – by exploring and experiencing.

A video footage from Sraddhalu Ranade from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, talks about Integral Education in more detail.

Can this be a solution?

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