Sunday, February 10, 2008

Entrepreneurship Education and life skills Education – do they relate?

On July 2004, I was in a talk show with television journalist Sabyasachi on life skills education.

I was talking about, how with life skills education, people can make best from his life from both materially and spiritually.

I have heard many people saying, “Entrepreneurship is a way of living.”
Earlier, I heard also Dr. William Scott Green of University of Miami, telling about the focus on American Education system towards ‘Innovation’ and ‘Job creation ’.

Whereas I find, Indian education system is more geared towards building ‘Job seekers‘then ‘Job Creators’. Fundamentals of our economy will only change when our education system creates more “Job Creator.”

Can we impart entrepreneurship education in form of life-skills education?

This is already a successful practice in US Education System.

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