Thursday, February 14, 2008

Should we educate to Plan or Plan to Educate?

A Thiagarajan, Deputy Chief operating officer of a MNC bank, and an Independent writer ( have some interesting insights, on the AIL Daily wisdom topic ‘Do need education on planning’ ?. I am, quoting his response below.

“Yes, we do need education in planning to change the misconception about what a plan is: I am quite convinced about it. My 35 years experience in the banking sector confirms this. About 30 years ago, when I was looking into SSI sector as a field officer, an appraiser and as a manger, it was obvious. This is proved by the thriving business of consultants. We also saw some initiatives by banks - where institutions like IIT subsequent to which the banks helped with the non_technical aspects evaluated the first generation entrepreneurs who were technically qualified. This initiative did no go for long because of the priorities being different for banks .Quite often; very many ventures did not fare well for lack of the planning part”

I also received a lot of response, who had a similar message, and there was a consensus that we should educate to plan.

However, before that it is also important that we plan to educate more people. We see, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh termed the 11th five-year plan as “India’s educational plan” and emphasized on the fact that over 19 per cent of the total central gross budgetary support would be spend on the sector during the plan period.

“We have increased the outlay on education from 7.7 per cent of the total central gross budgetary support in the 10th five year plan to over 19 per cent in the 11th plan,” Singh said addressing the 20th convocation ceremony of Goa University. “The actual outlays have been raised five-fold. This is an unprecedented increase in allocation for education in the history of our country,” he said.

For further details, you can check this link

What would be our priority? Should we educate to plan, or plan to educate?

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