Thursday, February 7, 2008

Life , Business & Chess

Life is non linear. Chess is not . It takes things definitly. So the competitors know ,there are fixed movements a pawn can have . It is a pure logical game. You do not have such definite and fixed movements of the pawns , incase of life . There is no fixed rule. Things change .

So there is a very important question come here .

We Can plan things for Chess , But can we do it in case of Life ?

It's right that chess is a kind of ideal enviroment . Plans can work there very well.Infact, it is designed in such a way that plans can work. It is less disruptive . More structured and linear.

Life is not like that . It is suprising . It is disruptive . And it is non-linear. The role what plans play in chess , the same role cannot be in life.

The objective of planning in Life is to make that intial preparation for you that you can hadle change and adapt .

The same happens in case of business , which is also full of suprises. As business is a part of economic life .

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