Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Can the process of starting business make easier ?

Starting a Business was never easy. The most important bottleneck which an entrepreneur faces while starting a business is lack of knowledge. The problem gets bigger when he doesn’t know what he had to know. So the only alternative is learning by burning your finger. When I started up , I didn’t get any courses , which could give me, clarity and direction, on what I should do and what I shouldn’t . I search for education programs for guiding my entrepreneurial Journey. I got enrolled into some of them, which are mostly leaded by business associations . However, I found that those organization has become too big to understand the issues which a small , company specially a startup faces . The only way left out, was to learn by making mistakes.I don’t think this is an great way . As the expenses of those mistakes are very high.

That’s why, we in Allindailive planned to provide online education programs targeted towards issues which a business startup faces through our elearning portal Allindialive.org . This will be backed by personalized Business consulting and market research services , to those Business startups, that the process, of starting up, can be really easy .

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