Thursday, February 5, 2009

Transforming the Energy

I have an opportunity to meet Swami Sri Ramji .He runs the Keshav Ashram in Ujjali,Uttarkashi .

I was deeply touched with his presence and the energy, which he radiates . We had a very wonderful interaction . I am putting this interaction, online, that you can also be a part of it.

1. Do you think transformation can happen to human beings ?

Yes it can . The approach essentially has to be from Body . You see the humans, when they are young , had a natural state of concentration . But, when they matures these concentration evades . It might stay for some selected . But, in general people losses the ability to concentrate . This lack of concentration often results to different form of disease . One can approach to these disease, with different Yogas I teach , where we help people to concentrate, and cure from the set of diseases they faces.

2. Normally, we see the child is not concentrated at all . They seem to us very fickle minded . But you say that the child and the young people are very concentrated ?

The child is concentrated , but not in a manner the society wants him to be.

3. What is the difference between societies perception of concentration, and the natural concentration you talk about ?

The natural concentration is there, with every human being, when he was child . But, when he grows up, then the society perception of concentration, is projected in the mind of child . He looses his own natural concentration, and starts moving in the direction of the society . Society starts regulating his life , and the inner joy of living is lost . However , he always seeks for this natural concentration, through out his life , through accomplishment , expecting that the inner joy which he had, will come back to him .

This search for joy , continues throughout the life time , and the majority, does not find that state of consciousness again . For example, a forest seems to be disorganized, and not in the levels of human utility from outside . The garden, can look to him very organized . However , the fact remains that any garden is an artificial forest, made by human effort, which satisfies the needs of beauty around human habitat. The forest has his own natural beauty , which obviously cannot be remade by the artificial beauty of garden . Same way , child has a natural concentration which cannot be remade.

Yoga helps a person to connect with the natural concentration, which he had been gifted , when he was child . It is like , getting back to the state of child in you .

Why do we loose the natural concentration ?

We are gifted, with certain state of natural concentration. We loose it because deluded by the projection of the society . Still, an understanding deep down, remains, what the natural state of concentration is . So we keep searching , on different people , different things, this natural state of concentration . However we don't find it . When we comparatively access our state of natural concentration , with others we find ourselves less fortunate, and loose appreciation of it. That’s one reason we start loosing it . Because we think the others have it , and we don't have .

What are the education models you provide to get the natural concentration ?

There are some Meditation ,Asanas and Pranayama , I teach for transformation of energy.

Krishna –I – Pranayam with Meditation and 11 Asana

Krishna II – 25 Asanas ( Sitting)

Krishna III – 15 Asanas

Krishna IV – 12 Asanas

Krishna V – 25 Asanas (Standing)

One can come in my ashram in Uttarkashi ( email – ) to learn this set of asanas and Pranayams .

Sometimes I also conduct different training camp around India . So one can join there also to learn ,how to transform energy by bringing back the natural concentration thru Yoga.

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