Saturday, September 26, 2009

What does becoming most popular entreprenuer means ? has come out with the Most Popular Entreprenuership Challenge 09.I have been nominated for this challenge. Before writing this and asking people to vote for me, I was just trying to figure out what does this challenges mean to me .

Is it a real challenge or a psudeo one ?.

I could not have answere of this question for long time. So , when I gathered only 3 votes, my competitor in the challenge gathered 371 votes .

Eureka, then suddenly , today I found the answere of the question . The challenge doesn't mean anything , if one is seeking fame through it . But , it means a lot if one is able communicate his vision, and spread his mission to masses.

However,I found the answere too late . Well now when there is only 3 days left, and there is a such huge gap , what is the point of writing this post and asking people to give a vote for me .

It's well worth to share the answere and it's good to ask a vote , if only you find as an entreprenuer , I have done something, for the cause of business transformation, which is the mission of Allindialive.

Here is a brief list of things carried out in the last three months . Rate them and vote for us , if you feel I deserve to become a popular entreprenuer , on the actions, we have taken for our mission of business transformation.

1.We have created some knowledge products as we have mentioned in the last story. One of them is an Ebook which is titled as "Wisdom Stimulus".

There was also a presentation on the knowledge products we have build in between

2.We have focused our self more intensively on 'Business transformation and Business Transformation blog has got the award of " Blogger of the day " and at the same time got nominated for " Best Business Blog " in the Bloggers Choice Award 2009.

3. We have also intiated formation of Business Transformation Consortium where companies on Business Transformation space have come together. .

4 A Business Transformation forum was build to carry on detailed discussion on Business Transformation

5. We have launched online business school known as Indian School of Business Transformation - ISB&T - which is providing online education on Transformational Entrepreneurship , Transformational Leadership and Business Transformation. We have already conducted 8 workshops where near about 500 people from all locations of the world participated.

6.We have conducted a successful Business Transformation Conference on 8trh Septembor,2009 on the theme of "Business Transformation is the Future" - which is the only online event worldwide on Business Transformation

7. We are already in our way to conduct the next online conference of BTCON on 3rd Sepetmbor on "The Future of oursourcing is Business Transformation Outsourcing "

Endorsement : Letter.pdf

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