Sunday, July 26, 2009

What is BTC (Business Transformation Consortium) ?

Business Transformation Consortium, is an unique platform which collaborates players related to Business Transformation, and exchange knowledge ,ideas, business leads and build a innovative synergy, using online platforms.

Its purpose is to create awareness on Business Transformation, in the minds of people, and at the same time create Business Opportunities for its members .

It is an initiative, taken up by Indian School of Business Transformation (ISB&T).It also engages people on discussion related to Business Transformation and creates visibility, for its members in the Business Transformation space .

Presently, there are 13 Organizational Members.Membership is by Invitation only.

1.Indian School of Business Transformation , Kolkata
2.Times Private Treaties , kolkata
3.Last Peak data, kolkata
4.Indusnet Technologies, kolkata
5.Metalogic System , kolkata
6.Allindialive , kolkata
8.Apex data Services, kolkata
9.University of Greenwich , London
10.IFIM , Bangalore
11.Management Paradise,Mumbai
12.DataResolve ,Kolkata
13.Reiki Kendra,Kolkata

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