Friday, February 13, 2009

Transformative Solution 2 : Why do we Need a New Economy ?

If we consume Natural resources like World Grain, Fossil Fuel and others the way we are doing now, on US Economic model ( Either of Chicago school or Keynesian) we will require 5 earths . Even if we follow , the EU countries consumption model , then also we will require 3.4 earths.

We are consuming 20% more then the availability global resources.
So everyday we are spending more of planet resources then we are producing.
That’s Nature is reverting back by destroying ‘Human Financial System’, and it just could not be stopped, with taking the same measure, which created the problem in first place.

Assumption of the greatest Modern Economist where prove wrong by the present crisis.

Adam Smith’s assumption, of Collective happiness only possible when individual ego works, was proved to be asuric, as this is the assumption which instutionalised Greed.

Keynes assumption of ’State intervention’ is only creating more bail out packages, which is getting us Nowhere.

Milton Friedman assumption of ‘Free markets and less regulation ‘ has already get us into the problems of Global Financial Crisis.

The present system which is based on Modern Economic thought helps money to give a fake sense of immortality .

Everything in Nature destroys, Money doesn’t. A crop kept for an year will, get destroyed and not give an yield in next year, whereas money kept in Bank will grow .
This is the natural reason , why it is important in the present system, to store and stop the circulation of money where some will ‘have’ and some will ‘have not’ and everybody ‘will not have’ in socialism .

Thus, Human Mainstream economy where ‘scarcity’ is law, creates conflict with Nature’s Economy where ‘abundance’ is the law .

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