Friday, February 13, 2009

Indian School of Economic thought

India has much to offer on Economic field then destitute economics .
You don’t need to be economist ,to understand Indian School of Economic thought which has existed for Centuries. A Indian Housewife is the best economist as she is considered “Laxsmi- the Goddess of Wealth” in India.

Based on Atharva Veda , Indian Economic thoughts makes an Essential connection between the spirit of money and material compartment of money.

India’s Economic thought is not based on Paper currency of ‘money’, but on ‘Artha’ – which is a holistic money where every aspect of money, is related to good governance and real economy.

India practices more ‘giving’ then consuming as a whole society . The Economic principles of the villages are based on Ecological Economy and close to nature rather then mainstream economy .That’s why India’s economic principle is based on the spiritual principle.

For last 10,000 years , Numerous ,Indians have left everything of there life for seeking divine consciousness and transforming every aspect of life from matter to mind , by this consciousness. There is so much work done in these level , that India could be called as the ‘Guru of the World’

Ancient Indian Economic thought has also tried to change the consciousness of political economy and business also.

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