Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Managing Risk for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises of India

Small , Medium and Micro Enterprises play an critical role in the Employment generation of masses in India. They also have significant contribution on Export. According to 2001-02 censuses, they contribute 40% of the overall export. The foreign delegation, trade fairs and promotion activities helps to grow the market penetration of this small, medium and micro enterprises. However, the internet also plays a key role on go-to-export-market-strategy. The B2b exchanges help the small medium and micro enterprises to find its clientele. Most of the cases this helps to manage the payment uncertainty and risk management, with the involvement of a third party as a regulator of the deal structure between two parties. This way the system of b2b exchange can be a big facilitator for export growth of Small medium and micro enterprises of India along with help small, medium, micro entrepreneurs to manage risk and secure there payments properly.

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