Monday, July 21, 2008

The Wining Energy ......

Energy makes changes always. So this time it changed my Blog design . Same way , Nuke deal is expected to change a lot of things on the way Indian Energy Map . Some changes are already in its way in the political map of India . There are media reports, that there has not been such a week in Indian Political History , which provoked such a large scale change in the structure of Indian Politics .

As I said , Energy makes change always . That's the wining characteristics of Energy . It had also a killer side.

Suddenly Killer startup has recognised as an 'Killer startup', which is the companion site of this blog.

Looks like signs good omen , which Indicates that India is going to implement the Nuke deal and bring a broad base change in the energy map of India .

I am receiving of mails from my readers thanking me for covering the major policy and planning events in the blog , like Indian Budget , Sixth CPC, G8, Nuke Deal and creating a citizen perspective.

Thank you all for this compliments , these blog has been fascinating journey for me too.

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