Monday, May 19, 2008

Is India heading towards the product game too?

Recently, some of the business plans, I made in Indian Market , is extensively focusing on making a product company . Some of them are online and the others are offline. Has the time for building a product company from India, finally arrived ? Can this transformation possible now, that we start also making global Internet and IT product brands . Following are the indicators , which says the time has finally come. Let me find , whether you agree on it or not ?

- There are no dearths of opportunities. And presently there are no significant players. Along with, there are host of categories – Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Non-Conventional energy, Software systems and tools, Food processing, financial systems, Instrumentation, Automobiles and the list is endless .

- Finally, the Indian Middle class has arrived , with a great purchasing power. One of the problems with products, that companies often use to mention, by not able to build a strong product, is the absence of a large domestic market. Now that problem is not there.

So what do you think ?

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