Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Awakened India

The rise of India and China seems dramatic . One of the reason , is the western imagination of India was a poor , backward and often a nation having huge scale violent , conflicts until recently.

Suddenly, west was told that India and China are economic giants, driving world growth by converging on the European model of modernity. They are people who have again , forgotten that India and China both had a 5,000 years rich and illustrious history.

Though ,the attempt to explain the world by exalting the apparently unique western virtues of free-market capitalism and democracy may seem to have run into problems lately. The sudden rise of the two biggest countries of the orient, supports the faith expressed by the American columnist Thomas Friedman: that globalising free-market capitalism and democracy will enable much of the world's population to reach the summit of material plenitude, political stability and social security, where western societies apparently reside.

But there is much to do with the Economic format , both the countries . They had state controlled economic bodies and lesser amount of private intiative. The great effect of the globalisation , has come in the level of building entreprenuers and that is the real secret of the story behind 'Awakened India'.

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