Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Way to Personal transformation

Sometimes, some people meet, somewhere, and they get transformed, with the experience of that moment . This was the specific story with me last Monday .

A Journey of only one evening, which brought me close, to my heart and soul.The irony, is we did not know each other, until the previous moment. Then we met. There was an explosion of emotions. There was a complete forgetfulness of everything. We lived completely in that moment . We enjoyed the life in that moment.

This has been, one of those moment, which we will all, remember in life . It is one of the moment ,when we get opportunity, to share with all of us, who we really are . For sometime we felt collectively , that we have gone back to our days of childhood , when we are simple and free and creative , to express all the time, what and who, we are.

For me it was a intense experience of Personal transformation when I met Abhinav and Gita and could share with them my life .

I wish, I have more of these moments to fill each others life.

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