Sunday, December 21, 2008

Could we lead towards global transformation by introducing World Goverment ?

Global Governance leading to global transformation is seen as a possibility now. Though, I think, it is a requirement now .It might be a possibility, from indifferent consciousness viewpoint.However, from that viewpoint everything is a possibility?

Going ahead, in the same thought wave , third world war also looks like a possibility. The kind of financial catastrophe we are seeing in 2008, happened earlier in 1930. These was known as great depression.That, point of time, we had already the league of Nations, which is certain form of early stage human unity ( though US didn’t participated in it) . But to get to a consciousness, which can support even a inferior form of human unity, called as UN, the world has to cross, the Second World War (1937 – 1941) killing 70 million people . Only then some of the nations understood the importance of creating new financial order, after the conclusion of World War II in 1944 at Bretton Wood . It took 14 years from Great Depression at 1930 , loss of 70 million people, and loss of few trillion wealth, to reach a human unity as inferior as UN ,which the global leaders are now feeling inadequate to solve global crises we are facing right now.

Does it mean to create Global governance now , we should follow the same pattern from the Great Depression to World War II, and then only be able to create a new social and financial order which has happened earlier with Bretton Wood ?

And then this will continue again, that, after some time that form of human unity will be also invalid, and we have to create a new form of Human Unity to address global problems, we would be facing at that point ?

Do we need to loose another 70 million people and waste a wealth of another few trillions to create every time a new form of human Unity ?

What is use of knowledge and knowingness and building consciousness, if we can’t change certain global thought patterns which will make the globe face the same situation again and again.

From this viewpoint the World Government should not be only seen as a theoretical possibility , but we should act towards it ,that it becomes a practicle reality.

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