Friday, December 5, 2008

Personal Transformation through Creative Problem Solving

Did you know that dealing creatively with problems could be your way to developing intuition, healing relationships, empowering your organization, evolving the brain to a new level and bring total transformation in your life?

Problems, according to conventional ways of thinking, are obstacles to a goal. We learn to live with the unsolved ones which grow into the crises which dominate our lives. Creative thinking reverses this order and alters our perception of a difficult situation. A problem becomes a challenge and then, an opportunity. Consider this; one company in the USA had spent millions of dollars to develop a multipurpose adhesive which turned out to be a failure, as it would peel off. They turned this failure into an opportunity in the post-it pads. These yellow little squares of paper can be stuck and peeled off for reuse. Creative thinking alone sees such opportunities.

When I first developed and applied the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process in 2003 as a worhshop leader on a Entreprenuership Mindset Development Workshop for NSIC, it was mainly for the industry, distribution system, plantations and government. Three years later, I refined it further during my consultancy work with diverse organizations and, teaching Entrepreneurship in Management Schools like IIMC and ISB&M. Though originally intended only for solving problems, over the years I discovered its tremendous power to transform individuals and organizations.

It's based on a principle thought which was stated so beautifully below.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly: Richard Bach.


ORcoastGEEZER said...

The process of the Butterfly certainly illustrates the creative process for persons and organizations!


Joydip Chakladar said...

Thanks Max for your comment. Infact ,it is change of perception which makes a crisis, a solution. You are right on saying that the process of butterfly illustrates the creative process for persons and organization.