Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Heart of a Business Plan

People relates heart to emotions . Business Planning relates heart to passion, that is the main reason for the Business plan, in the first place.

What is the passion of a business ?.

It is to give a service or a product which benefits a group of customers which are representatives of society .

The Case Study of Allindialive

In the case of Allindialive , it provides Entreprenuership development education and Business advisory services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Somehow the entire business is based on the idea to help and serve the SME's that they could be successful . This is the heart of Allindialive business plan. It also includes that how the process of these help can be profitable that the entire service could be sustained for a long time.

In the same way the heart of other business plan are based on these same ideas which cane be fragmented into more structured format like these ..

1. Target Customers
2. Service and Product Profile
3. Profit margin out of the Service/product delivered.

If the root of the passion of the business plan is clear , then other components falls in right synchronity.

This month , I have Judged near about 14 Business plans of Indian Institute of Management , Business planning Competetion , Ideas to Implementation (i2i2009)
and found that some of the business plan has heart problems and so the synchron ity was missing.

There are also some plans which are quite healthy in thier heart and so the overall balance is absolutely visible.

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