Friday, October 3, 2008

The Foundations of sustainable business

There are some remarkable changes, happening in the financial Industry, which has strong implication into the businesses worldwide and related industries . Further,financial institution are thought as the very foundation of our global economy . In Europe there are banks which have assets valued more than some of the nations economy . In US , the general entrepreneurial aspiration is focused around, building large financial institution ,like in India ,it is about building IT companies . The changes which are happening in the last one year, and which get worsened in last month is indication, of an important paradigm shift of the global economy. It was surprising to see such large financial institution like Morgan Stanley and Lehman brothers which have survived some of the biggest threats of economy and related depression in this century, are not able to survive through the credit crunch . Now that a systematic help is assured from the end of Government , it is worth to reflect that are this financial institution are fundamentally sustainable .

The foundation of sustainable business is holistic in nature . It is not the narrow intention of money multiplication that can make a sustainable business . Money multiplication is obviously one important thing , but we have to understand that Money is the means of exchange . It is nothing more than that ,nothing less than that. The sum total of Global money symbolizes the availability of Global resources in forms of products and services to all humanity . That's why we cannot narrow down our focus an dissect multiplication of money out from the Global resource availability and build stand alone financial products which just multiplies the currency notes without looking at the available resource pool. Most of this financial institution have just done that . They narrowed down their focus into just money and build instruments of money multiplication which has nothing to do with Global resource availability.

They have forgotten the holistic element of money and the important connect of multiplication with Global resource pool ,and that's why the value of their assets evaporated very fast . The foundation of sustainable business is on 'connected money' ,in India which is known as 'Artha'. Artha fundamentally doesn't means money only. Currency or money is the outer expression of the concept of artha. But 'Artha' is much larger concept , which indicates good governance that satisfies the subjects, with productivity that uplifts society, and is friendly to environment .

Artha is the holistic concept of money ,which makes a business sustainable as it is based on the idea that currency is an exchange mechanism of the available goods and services . It is not a smart de-risking technology, where you make layers of movement of money and growth without the growth of the gross productivity alongwith services and products that reflects that .

The element of good corporate governance which involves upliftment of society and friendliness with environment, that's why is the important foundation to make sustainable business.

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