Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Online Math Education Market

Distance mode of learning has become increasingly popular, around the world, in recent times specially in Mathematics Education Market. The flexibility in online course framework and course delivery, is one of the reason for that . At the same time , it is found that, the best possible means to scale the institutional delivery mechanism of Math education , From k-12 to higher education is also distance education.

This stands as true for the alternative of Mathematics Education too - like Vedic Mathematics and abacus. The distant education could provide a model for simple and complex alternative forms of mathematics education, necessary outreach. Further,this would increase the penetration of different forms of Mathametic education in different levels. The diversified effort on building a system , which can educate the mass on mathmetics , at the end would grow public awareness on the subject of Mathmetics. More people would have better means to calcualte, and improve there practical life scenarios.

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