Friday, June 13, 2008

The Threads of thought - Global Inflation and Agricultural productivity

Few of the reasons, which are responsible for Inflation both in global and national scale, is agricultural productivity. We had couple of debates and posting in this blog ,regarding the issues of agricultural productivity. Some of things predicted at that time, is a reality now. This is indeed a test of the how the blog is performing to deliver right insights and knowledge to people.

The first post regarding agriculture productivity was in 27th February

Entitled as 'Outlay and outcome' it was a pre-Budget post which was trying to see the real condition of agricultural market

The real issue of not focusing in agricultural productivity came in the post of March 3rd 2007.This post was very well discussed , and there are three elaborated comment on this posting .

Issues related to the topic is further discussed when Global food crisis broke down in April 11 and April 14 this year, which has been predicted earlier while responding to the comment of Anthony Mitchell on the earlier post.

Policies of neo-liberalism and globalization have to be put in a deeper scrutiny, which are the voices of the earlier post. The present inflation is an effect of the Global process as remarked by our leaders. I accept that as true. However, that cannot be the end of the discussion. If something is wrong in the global process, we have to figure out a answer. We cannot blindly accept it. We have to think creatively. Might be we should do a online brainstorming session. So, I welcome ideas from all of you.

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