Saturday, April 12, 2008

Failing to plan lead to rise in Food Prices?

Sometime back there was a discussion in this blog only, about the issue – “ That if you give a person , you feed him for a day and if you teach him to do fishing you feed him for all life time “. There was a discussion followed to it. My logic was that if we focus on agricultural productivity and try to create a level playing field for it rather then doing some short term exercise to gain popularity looking at the ballot box, and then our agricultural sector will experience sustainable growth. And that time, I predicted, on response to a Comment of Anthony Mitchell, that if we don’t follow this policy, we will soon lead to food security issues.

It is very surprising, that within a month, we have started facing the problem of food crisis which lead to rise of food proces. I have predicted, that, as an outcome of present agricultural planning .

We have to take bold steps now in the direction of agricultural productivity . Export barrier might be a short time solutions for handling it . But it is not going to work in long term to manage the supply side constraints.

There is requirement of new line of thought , that how should we gain agricultural productivity.

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