Monday, May 12, 2008

So you can see the forest ?

So you can see the forest ?

Can you see the tree , the sappling which is in the process of becoming a tree ? And the seed ? - Obviously the last one is expecting too much . We can't see the seed . It is very hard to see , as it is below the ground.

But we could see the forest . Its big . It has so many trees on it ? Can you dare to ignore it ?

Same with small business . It's like a small sapling , which will grow into a tree, some day, and encourage other trees to come together to , build a grand ecosystem like a forest . Can be, it is small today ! It would not be small in his entire .. life span.

Small business are the foundation of the global and national economy . It is not the Fortune 500 , or Fortune 1000, or Fortune 5000 , who makes all the differences , in all the key parametres of the economy . It is small business across industries and segments , which helps the economy to prosper , to build new realities, silently. Small business are the foundation of any economic growth .

However , it has been seen , that normally this segment gets least assitance from every corner of society - be it regulatory authorities , be it policy makers , be it financial institution . They all wait to shower there blessings , when the small would become big . Ironically , if the span of the blessings, of our opinion leaders , policy makers, and financial institutions could expand a little bit . Then there will be more volume of big companies growing from a small business . That would be the success story, of any developed or developing economy - When you can see the forest , but at the same time you can see the tree also, just next to your building , who is suffering from lack of water and attention.

Save .... the tree ... you save the forest .

Save the small business ... and you will save the economy.

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