Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why do I write a Business Plan?

I write plans . Plans of different type . Good and Bad plans. There are so many things on which people plans . They plans there wedding , they plans there shopping , they plans there earning . Infact ,we encounter the excercise of planning in every moment of our life . It is something omnipresent, in every thought which we think . A good thought is called as a good thought , when it is a planned thought . It has a logical flow , a coherence , a harmony.

On all these types of plan , I could only manage myself to write a Business plan . Both for me and for my clients . I get fascinated , writing a business plan . Sometimes , it was not easy , when I could not understand the principle objectives of business . When it is not there, as an expressed entity . The writing seems to be losing the coherence . But when the objective is understood . And the business paradigm is connected to the social paradigm . It's a fun to write a plan . There are so many dimension come out from a business , when we plan a business . Never before , I could have thought so creatively about the business , if I would not write plans about them .

Every Business are different, and so is the plan . Sometime , it could be quite absorbing and engaging when you are completly immersed, on chooosing a future direction of a company. It's an ecstatic experience go through , and gives a feeling , like doing an intellectual orgasm.

And then sometimes , I ask this question to me , why do I write a Business plan ?. I didn't started with writing plans . Specifically Business plans . I started with writing poetry . Recently I wrote a article about it http://www.helium.com/items/1012818-writing-first-poetry-could in Helium. However while moving with my education and profession , I find a lot of fun and love on writing a business plan.

It's been 10 years, I have been writing some or other forms of Business plan. For me and for others. There is a mental process which is involved , with each of this plans .And that, is the most engaging experience . It helps to me fine tune my business thoughts . And somewhere , I go on finding new meaning for writing Business plans.

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