Thursday, April 10, 2008

Indian Planning Experience of last 50 years

The Planning commision of India published a document. Indian Planning Experience for last 50 years. The document is very statistical in nature and less analytical . However on the 26 pages it covers most of the macro economic aggregrates - like Gross Domestoc Product, National Incomes, Per capita Income,Share of public and private sectors in Gross Domestic Capital formation. Though it carries most information upto the period of 1999-2000. It would give an positive experience in terms of statistics. Seeing the document, it seems that we have a come a long way from our independence, and shown some growth, on selected conventional measurement criteria's. You can find the document clicking here .....

The question still to be asked is ... have we really grown ? Quantatively it shows .. that yes we have grown on terms of those assement criteria .

What about qualitative growth ?

This answere can be given by you only.

I can just put some key assement criteria for qualitative growth -

1) Growth of respect in our culture
2) Growth of respect in the 10,000 years tradition of India
3) And finding out that whether every people in the country carries the character of the nation , or they are divided into their local , regional and individual character.

I think , the third point is very important , which only can reflect our overall growth .

What is a character of our nation ? and who carries that national character ? How do we know that national character ?

Does every Indian carries the character of India ?

If it is so, then we have definitly grown as we have gone beyond the barriers of individual , local, social and state and become a citizen of the nation.

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