Friday, June 5, 2009

Enterprise 2.0 : Journey to Bschool 2.0

Can the education of the Business Schools, remain same when the basics of Business are changing drastically after the Global reccession?

Business in post reccession period is looking for new knowledge bases, and higher understanding across wide range of domains .

So what would be the architechture of an Business School, which can teach the fundamentals of doing Business in post reccession scenario.

The Wishlist for Business School 2.0

1. Journey from Business Knowledge of Enterprise 1.0 to Business Knowledge of
Enterprise 2.0
2. Transformational Economics
3. Green Business
4. Triple Bottomline
5. Business Strategies for Enterprise 2.0
6. Enterprise Architechture
7. Cloud Computing
8. Social Networking
9. Semantic Web
10. Building Enterprise 2.0

That's what our New Business School is going to teach .

"Indian School of Business Transformation" a Business School based out of Kolkata , will provide Management Programs on Business Transformation of One year Durations , that the new form of Management leaders, who could face the challenges of the post reccession economy could be produced .

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