Thursday, June 18, 2009

Enterprise 2.0 : Ebusiness Transformation

Nothing is invincible in the world , if you know , what makes it invincible . Nothing is impossible in the world , if you know , what makes it impossible.


The secret of E business transformation is knowledge . When legacy systems wanted to build successful E-business operation that should be the prime focus .

That’s why one who is peaceful , has deep knowledge in war.
That’s why one who is forceful , has deep knowledge on compassion.


The power of E-business is take you in a zone of auto-pilot where you can stay out of the business war , yet you can be prolific participant of it.

Knowing the far , looking at the near, is wisdom .
Knowing the many , looking at the few , is force.

Ebusiness transformation is infact bringing a deep knowledge on your present business structure , where you solve a problem , before it arise.

That’s why the wise looks simple , the powerful looks gentle.

For the same reason , wise ness of E-Business that transforms looks simple , E-Business that is powerful , makes the customer smile , with its gentleness.

Be a part of ISB&T ‘E-Business Transformation groups’ and know the ways to transform your business and make our customer satisfied.

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