Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Business Transformation ( End ) : Wisdom Stimulus

Transformation of any business, requires a certain level of process maturity . However , at certain times companies with a strong management, and a clear vision, with proper strategies, can make the business transformation happen, even on a weak process . In this case there has to be tight integration between the different modules of transformation . Below are the modules of transformation in an ideal consulting situation.

1. Vision development
2. Strategic Planning
3. Learning Design– Corporate coaching on Business transformation
4. Project Planning and Management
5. Change Management
6. Business Process Management
7. Benefits Management
8. Brand Management

I recently wrote an ebook. It is on how an organization can move, through the business transformation process, with taking some hints form , old management classic - Gita. It is written in a simple style and can be easily grasped for application of the concepts . The book is published by Lulu . You can find it here after clicking this link.

Ebook Wisdom-Stimulus

The book cost $50.

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