Sunday, April 26, 2009

@ Evolution of Web II : Transforming Business plans

There was a increasing number of Business plans , I have been creating in last few months, on healthcare sector . Earlier , I also consulted in a long term project in Healthcare segment, in building a telemedicine gateway for Cancer patients. The project was sponsored by WHO and NCCP .

Later in this year ,I worked on the intial process, of building a Branded Fertility institute . Moving ahead ,I am having discussion now, on a new Healthcare (phlebotomy) Education project which could have proper training mechanism with Government accredation.

While writing for this projects and having elaborated discussion on the Business plans , I am seeing a sea change in the attitude how the Healthcare is looked upon these days . As a young man, when I started working as a consultant on building IT solutions , in one of the largest Regional Cancer Centre . I was taken back , by there reluctant attitude to adopt technology . Though the project continued for a long time , nearly about 4 years , the progress on the project was very slow . That is the reason the vision by which the project started, was largely left out, when it has to move through the staggering process .

Looking at the present projects , I am working in healthcare segment which are leaded by entrepreneurs, I am awe stuck by the kind of speed and professionalism the entrepreneur brings in, vis-à-vis the largest institutes of healthcare provider which I have worked on .

Sometimes being small is a blessing , as it gives you freedom , efficiency and creativity. That is the lesson ,I am taking home from working with the biggest names of the state owned healthcare industry, and also with bunch of entrepreneurs trying to change the face of healthcare.

I think ,web is playing a great role here . The Initial project, which I worked earlier , was suppose to be completely web based . Yet the adoption of technology was low.That is the reason, there was kind of lack of connectivity, which is typical to a state owned institute .

Earlier, healthcare was a segment, which is crucial and there was lack of private investment on that segment . This is also due to the fact, there was a kind of disconnectedness prevailing on the segment . However web , changed the rules of games . Starting from information ,to real care and education, all of them have become efficient due to the technological intervention .This is ideal way, we are going to reach the vision of Bill Gates, which he described on his book – Business @speed of thought, that “No healthcare can be in a island” .

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