Thursday, April 9, 2009

Braving the downturn : Are lessons from Gita - the real stimulus ?

The global leaders of G20 gave a stimulus package of $1.1 trillion for the world. Can it solve the problem ?

Stimulus package are the part or perception game that Government plays to raise the market sentiments .

Government needs help , because there regulation where the part of the problem earlier. Now there perception block adds to it .

A real help can be done by an entreprenuer because they where always the part of the solution. Rather then hitting a perception block , they always changes the perception . They made there money , with just a different way of looking things.

Seeing problems as oppurtunity , reccesion as the ideal time for innovation.


Anonymous said...

Taking the Gita's words, is there any way to check if your interpretation is uncorrect? Is there any way to check if your interpreation is correct?

How to check if "field" means "field of money"? Does the Gita state anywhere that the word "field" can be interpreted in that way?

My point is if I only say "ah", one can interpret as it to "ah, so good" or "ah, so bad".

I mean, the Gita is very generic text. As far as I know the book is not open to editing, so I don't recommend that you add points where there are none...

Joydip Chakladar said...

Hi Anonymous,

If you would look at the presentation then you would see that the main text was not edited and kept same as it is Bhagavad Gita.

However, the interpretation was made, in the context of the present crisis, and how it could be solved in a collective temperament.

I would like to remind that thousand of commentaries has been created on Gita and each have given a certain aspect of Knowledge .

Each was important in its own way had helped the mankind to solve the problem they are facing .

With your comments , I felt that mankind no longer needs this help as there was no other comment supporting this initiative.

So , I have removed it .

Might be, if somebody thinks that it is well worth to look at the Bhagavad Gita , and find a solution to the present crisis , humanity is facing , I will bring back the presentation.


Padmanabhan said...

I would like to read it
I got this link from toostep, I have commented there

Can you please mail me