Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trekking Business Everest in the Winter of Financial Crisis

Honey !!! I say you its very tough.

Even to get at the Base camp , which is somewhat a well prepared Business Plan is a great deal.

You need more Winter Clothes a Heavy Pull over.

The ices of Financial Crises . You have open hole , here and there.

So Beware.

But in case of Allindialive new 'Transformation Business Plan' - its different. We understand the crisis . We have three books under publication on the Global financial crisis and numerous articles.

You see , we are safe HAP ( High Altitude Porter ) who knows the route . So we can get you through the North Col - the toughest route to approach the Everest .

So , Beware and be alert with others , if you are still climbing the Business Everest . But, be safe, be comfortable with us.

That's what 'Transformational Business Plan ' is all about

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