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Kabilaa - The Tribe of Transformation

Aaditya Gupta and Sandeep Srivastava have been together since there MBA days, and then also prepared for civil services together . From those days they have wanted to do something positive, for the society with they being change agents.Search for doing something positive lead them to Kabilaa - the tribe of transformation.

Speaking about 'Kabilaa' - 'The Tribe of Transformation' with Sandeep Srivastava and Aaditya Gupta, Co-Founders of Kabilaa.

1.Why did you started this organization?When did you started it ?

We found that there are three segments in India which can help us to improve social sector.

Number One is corporate sector. We think Corporate World is so powerful & resourceful, which it has not been earlier in Indian history.

Number Two; Non Governmental Organisation. There are number of NGOs which are working across the country. They are the link to hoi polloi.

Third One is youth: the percentage of india is very large and unprecedented. This is the right time when they can stop complaining & stand up to do something for country.

We realize that we need to connect all three & work towards our social goals.

Today’s youth is web oriented and in our zeal to bring about change in action and thinking seemed to be the perfect step to take.

As for as Internet is boon for man kind. We believe that integration of technology in social sector is inevitable.

We started this website in October 2008.

2. You have a very interesting name – ‘Kabilaa’ ? What does it mean ?

Kabilaa signifies tribe or a group of people .Human being are living in groups and families from years.As a group first they establish village then town and then move forward to nation. The purpose is to live together happily and peacefully.

Though, in present we are settled in one place but problem still arises, and we are trying to do away with those problems. we want our website to be platform where we bring together Youth, NGOs and Corporate to be a part of kabilaa working towards improving the condition of society, environment and bringing desired changes.

3. You also have a very interesting message – “knocking for
revolution ? What kind of revolution you are looking ahead ?

First of all, I want to be clear what does revolution mean?? Revolution always carries a negative connotation. For both of us,Revolution mean that the present order of things, which must change. For that,We want social responsibility to be ingrained in their daily routine.

4. What is the role which are youth are not playing now and
which your organization would help them to play?

Youth are very conscious of various sensitive issues but majority of them are unaware of how they can contribute, wherein we step them and provide them a platform to work with various NGOs working for various causes. We have section like” Idea lab” where people can submit their ideas & if that ideas are feasible we would like to bring investors for them. We believe that india has best brain but they are not getting opportunity.We are trying to provide them platform to execute those ideas which can impact a large number of people.

5. What do you plan to do in CSR spectrum?

We will be working with companies, which are espousing various social and environmental causes and promoting their work through our website among the youth members of our website, thus enabling alteration of viewpoints and creation of strong affiliations.

6. What would be your NGO activities ?

In our segment of NGO activities we aim to promote collaborations between NGOs and companies for various causes they are espousing under their CSR mandate. We through our website intend to bring together youth, NGOs and companies on a common platform to work for various causes and we firmly believe that its going to be a win-win proposition for all.

With them, We will soon start programme “DO GOOD FOR DEBT.”

We would like here students above 18 & person who are jobless to join us & pay their debt by doing social work for six months.For this, those people have to match with organization/company interested in sponsoring them to do social work. After that they have to choose one NGO from listed NGO's with us.We are in talk in these ,with companies & Non-governmental organization.

7. What is your target audience and what are you looking ahead from them?

Our target audience in 1st stage will be primarily the youth and corporates. Primarily we aim to target the youth willing to come and work with us. We are looking for a commitment towards a better tomorrow wherein they are the primary agents working towards achieving it.

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