Saturday, February 28, 2009

Indian Election 2009 : Time for practising transformational economics and politics

Finally , the time has come ....

To give a new meaning to money . That, could be only solution, for the post crisis world .

Also to give a new meaning to our politics. We need to spiritualise, politics and economics .

Money the way it is promote disconnectedness between us .

The new money based on Transformational economy, has to promote interconnectedness.
Life is more important than money , and that it has to be understood by the mainstream economist.

After the Global financial crisis we have stepped in an era for searching a new meaning of politics and economics.

According to nature, true need is always satisfied . That is why , it is time to practice transformational economics where every individual can change the way resources flows, in a society by doing inner work.

People examine their emotional reactions to what their needs are.

This may allow them to see, that things they felt, they needed are not really needed.

This then alters the flow of goods in a society because of the underlying change in needs.

We have to practice that in our political system too, and there is no better time to do it then Indian Election 2009, which is suppose to change the rules of the game.

We have to practice 'Transformational politics'. It is the field of guiding people to look inwardly, what they feel is true power. They may discover that real power is seeing the deep connection of everyone, with each other, and of being able to tap that place.

In this case power is not power over someone, but rather power to unleash collective creativity in creating a new society.

Only we, the people can all decide that how much of this could be practice where spiritual values are inserted in politics , business , economics and activism to transform and show a new direction for the humanity .

That is the way we can change this place called 'Planet Earth'.

By Changing ourselves.

So Pledge for it here

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