Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to grow business in 2009 ?

Business Growth in 2009 ?

Yesterday , I had a chat with one of my old business friend . He made a interesting comment , which to be honest scared me a lot .

Here is his comment about Business Growth from 2009-2011

If you can survive next 3 years , you can survive next 300 years

I was little taken aback with the statement . Honestly ,upto yesterday , I have never thought of my survival strategies beyond 3 months . These days the environment changes so fast, that planning beyond 3 months is something which is obsolete . There is need to redesign the plan .

Infact , I called him up to fill a survey which we are conducting in North and Eastern India for United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and and getting somewhat very frustrating responses.

And over to it this statement . The market sentiments are very low these days and often you have scores of rejection of anything as simple as filling up a survey response .

I pondered and found, that there is general negative statement, which is ruling the market these days.

We need understand that the market is symbol of our collective requirement . The collective requirement of the human society has not changed, only the interfacing structures, between the requirement generator and the provider has changed .

The new structures are replacing the old interfacing structure . The new structure has already evolved . And the process of transition is on .

The business all over the world needs to adjust to these new realities in order to succeed .There has to be comprehensive understanding created about how the global market will operate now onwards.

We will discuss about these new financial paradigm on which the business can also grow in the upcoming post.

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