Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SME Training and Capacity Development

One of the way corporate could achieve its sustainable development goals is by SME trainning and capacity development on the larger community where it is having its organisation . This infact has a direct effect on the economy of that particular location and create better acceptance from the local community . It is one of the best way to handle the unrest, which is reportedly growing in different place of India and World, while creating different Heavy Industries on a location.

Lonmin is following this path in South Africa(Mooinooi area) to create a better relation with the larger community .Lonmin is a primary producer of Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). It creates value by the discovery, acquisition, development and marketing of minerals and metals.It has offices in Johensburg and a mine in Mooinooi area. It is funding a business incubation centre which will further facilitate the process of SME training and capacity development in the localities.

This is a fantastic model which other business can follow to avoid, land and other conflict from the localities , in case of building operation related to 'Heavy Industries'.

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