Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Business Plan written by Professionals for aspiring entreprenuers

There is a big doubt on the minds of aspiring entrepreneur, on the practice of recruiting a professional/consulting firm on writing their Business Plans. Most of the aspiring entrepreneur remains in a very excited stage, on the early days of business . This makes them think less of the requirements of the audience, of the business plan. In addition, they are more aligned to their emotional satisfaction and sometimes completely lost in their ego trip.

Obviously , these was hard for them, for sometime, when a person from the opposite side comes and starts dissecting their idea . Suddenly they feel lost of the entire excitement with realizing , the ground realities that a investor looks for .

However ,to me it looks like a stage where the business has start maturing from a seed stage to a sapling stage . The growth of the business brings more objectivity and these is something, an aspiring entrepreneur has to realize, early and not guard his idea in feverish emotional excitement.

I realize the Business Planning Event season has come, as the organization all around India are coming to me for with request for different role play on their business plan event starting from becoming a Judge to Mentor Business Plans .

I have already got the invitation to Judge the Business Plan Event of Indian Institute of Management , kolkata , known as i2i2009. I have been associated with i2i for some and other role, since its inception . But these time , Indian Institute of Management , Indore and National Entrepreneurship Network has invited me to mentor some of the Business Plan which has been selected in the Preliminary round of there Business Plan Competetion Sanjeevini.

Looking for a exciting time ahead with a bunch of aspiring entrepreneur . I had always a great interaction with them and there energy level remains very high ,in these seed stages of business.

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