Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Building Reccession Resistant Small Business - Part II

The practical equivalent of abundant thinking is creativity . A person whose pattern of thinking is always engrossed with scarcity, has hard time to use his creative abilities . It is very important for small business owner, to have creative capital , who might be already scarced with financial capital . Infact , innovation and finding out new and efficient ways to deal with the pressure of recession, opens new business avenues for small business owners .

The process of innovation is referred as very disruptive . So the structural approach might not be so good to bring out the best form of innovation from people . Any recession, be it personal, organizational or family, has a very unstructured approach, which forces people to think differently. That is how some small business are able to take advantage, of the condition of recession, with smart application of intelligence and talent .

We can see this happened earlier . When Y2k surfaced, some of the people forecasted about the end of the road of software industry and going back to manual processes . It never happened that way , which we can see now. On the contrary some smart Indian companies really reaped benefit of the Y2k problem and turned themsellves to a global software major .

We can understand that innovation is the key on handling recession . We had to think differently about our businesses and life and then we can bring something so new and different that every Small Business Owners (SBO) could come out from the recesion with flying colours.

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