Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Trend of Mass customisation in Apparel Industry

The Apparel industry is going through a new phase of mass customization by using web technologies . The user can design his own apparel and t-shirts and whatever he wants to wear. The new trend is to switch from mass production to custom-fit (personal) production.

Using this method, manufacturers can rapidly produce models with the customer's body measurements. Internet based models are used to help customers and manufacturers for custom-fit production. Customers can generate different models using reusable components that are provided from related apparel manufacturer via the Internet. Customers can also easily take their body measurements with this tool.

The idea is to prepare user-friendly software for having customer's own designs with proper body measurements in their houses via personal computers and other communication appliances. To create a cost-effective solution in custom-fit (personal) production, Internet infrastructure is proving itself the best choice.

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